The Unschool Files


The Unschool Files is about community.

Listeners and friends of the podcast are the essence of a wonderful online community that is happening in multiple spaces, giving parents and caregivers an opportunity to connect and support each other. Offerings from Meghan are a labor of love, and always aim to be accessible.


Meghan is the curator of The Unschool Files Community Zine, an accessible, gritty, handmade zine that is currently publishing quarterly with the help of the Zine Team

 You can get a physical or digital copy of the zine here in the store.

If you would like to financially contribute to the zine regularly, you can become a Patron here!

We are working toward paying the Zine Team for their hard work and keeping up with orders.


The Unschool Files community hosts an active Discord server where we talk about everything under the sun.

Channels focus on topics like unschooling with Neurodiversity, SDE community building & new unschoolers, as well as safe spaces for BIPOC, ND and LGBTQIA+ folks.

If you are looking for support, community, and mutual care. Check it out here.

Minecraft Server

Meghan pays a young self-directed person to build + maintain a Java minecraft server for unschoolers.

If you’d like to join in for community building projects, demolition, and to connect with other minecrafters please submit this form to be whitelisted:


    The Unschool Files Instagram feed is minimal but the stories and engagement by Meghan are present from time to time as life allows.

    DMs are always open! Give a follow here.

    Saturday Support Circle

    On the 2nd Saturday of every month, Meghan hosts a Saturday Support Circle via Zoom.

    In this space, we prioritize the safety of Black, Brown, Indigenous and other people of color as well as those of other marginalized groups.

    -no fake identies – be honest about who you are -be respectful to one another -mute unless active speaking -do not screen record

    If you would like to connect and join the May call, get in touch and we’ll get you a link

    if you’d like to drop a few bucks into the community fund or buy meghan a coffee to keep her going
    -> venmo: @iamsilenth PayPal: